Friday, October 19, 2012

Chapter 1

Standing next to Tim was a Breeder. The breeder had his ventilator firmly strapped to his face. It was what gave him away as a breeder. His body wasn't inundated with the little nanites that decide if you live or die. He was still all human. For a brief moment Tim felt envy towards this young man. He got to have and raise children, even if it was at the behest of the government. Tim supposed that if the breeder ever did anything that didn't fit with the plan a bullet would do just as well as an off switch, just seemed so much messier.

A mess was what was in front of him now. From what the history books said death, disease, illness and injury used to be messy but with the invention and introduction of certain types of technology into the biology of humanity and subsequently everything else everything had become so clean.

Which is why, what is in front of him now, was so bothersome. The breeder next to him was trying to stifle convulsions, fighting his gag reflex. Tim bent down to get a closer look at what used to be a different breeder. The ventilator still attached to the face. Tim waited till the other agents with the scanners gave the go ahead to touch the body.  The scanners would be uploaded into the mainframe and analyzed then the scene would be recreated in 3d space to aid in the investigation.

Tim reached down and pulled the ventilator off the face of the body in front of him. The breeder that had been fighting his revulsion vomited. The alarm on his ventilator went off, sending a screech into the already noisy street. Tim lost whatever envy he had had for the man as he imagined the poor guy’s ventilator being filled with vomit and him not being able to take it off till he was inside somewhere. The breeder ran towards the nearest building stumbling as he tried to see through the lens on his ventilator, hopefully holding his breath so he wouldn't be breathing in his own vomit.

The body in front of him became his main focus at this point. It was a young girl probably hadn't even completed her first breeding cycle. What a waste. Tim wondered how much money the government had already funneled into this woman with the hopes she would reproduce something that could be used for more than breeder stock. Tim remembered his breeder mother. He had been her 8th child. He was going to be her last unless she managed to produce something that was useful. Tim had been born and within days the tests were completed and his nanites had been injected into his tiny little baby veins. He was then taken from his mother at the age of 6 and placed into the advanced education system that was used to bring up citizens, the ones that actually ran society. The breeders, they were the ones that could reproduce. They were selected based on genetic likely hood to produce offspring that would be useful. If you didn't qualify as a citizen or a breeder you were not educated. You were destined to end up sterilized and working a dead end job. These were the class of people that the garbage men, street sweepers, and the types to become lunch ladies were selected.

The young lady laid out in front of him was a breeder. She was attractive as most breeders were these days. She was a mess though. It was obvious that she died a very gruesome death. Tim's quick assessment would be that she had been show in the back of the head with a shotgun. Most of her face had come away when he had pulled off the ventilator.

The rest of the scene to him didn't make sense middle of the street in a breeder neighborhood. The gates were kept guarded and there were definitely no weapons allowed inside the breeder area. Yet here she laid, her sun dress smeared in dirt and road grime from where she fell. Even weirder still was that where she fell happened to be in the only blind spot in the surveillance system. The breeder compounds were supposed to be the safest areas in the world. They were guarded twenty four hours a day and under constant recorded surveillance which was archived on the mainframe. Whoever had shot this woman had managed to find the exact spot where there wasn't a camera pointing. Tim would get access to those recordings as soon as he made it back to his desk.  In the mean time the breeder from earlier had made it back outside with a clean ventilator strapped to his face.

The breeder made it back to his side. "Her name was Mady. She was 16 and was scheduled for her first insemination tomorrow."
"Were you her breeding partner?" Tim said as he rose from the body.
"Husband, actually, name’s Sam." Said the breeder.

"Really? Don't hear about marriage that much these days especially amongst breeders. I'm assuming that it wasn't your child she was going to be getting?" Tim said walking the still visibly shaken young man away from what used to be his wife.
"No sadly it wasn't. We found out when we applied for the marriage that our genetics weren't an optimum match." Sam said as he scuffed his foot on the ground. His shoulders hunched, dejected. It occurred to Tim that Sam here would be assigned a new breeding partner within the week.

"Sam, I know it must be hard but do you know of any reason why someone would want your wife dead?" Tim said as they approached the door to the breeder complex. Sam didn't even respond he just shook his head, opened the door and stepped inside, through the hermetically sealed doorway and into the residence proper. He took off his ventilator turned around and with watery eyes looked Tim in the eye, frowned then walked away.
Tim turned in time to see the last of the cleanup crew torching the asphalt back to its original black. The blood and mess scorched away. Almost as if the blond breeder had never been there. Within a couple of days the compound would be back to normal, no one except Sam remembering the face of his wife.

Breeders came and went pretty quickly. Without the help of the nanites they died quickly from infection after child birth or from any of the other random super diseases or viruses that became prevalent from over population and improper use of drugs. The population went from booming almost 8 billion people on the planet to having millions dying in the streets within a couple years. The nanite technology had been a work in progress but was fast tracked rather quickly. They were initiated before the side effects had fully been understood. First and foremost of the side effects were the near immortality of the person with them. The next side effect was the sterility. As soon as you received the nanites you could no longer produce children, which inspired the system as it is now.

Breeders were looked after and protected. They were coddled almost to a ridiculous point. What could you expect though when a small handful of people were the ones that looked after our children and were responsible for keeping our species alive.

The death of a breeder by murder hadn't happened in years. Tim knew that the pressure would be on for him to find out what had happened to the young blond.

First things first, he had to check those recordings, which meant leaving the breeder compound and heading back to the city.